15 Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Afro hairstyles is a powerful symbol which reflected black pride and a rejection of notions of assimilation and integration. An Afro is one that embraces and celebrates the natural texture, thickness, and volume of African hair.

Despite the natural hair movement, mainstream media still presents that natural hair as something to be hidden or straightened for important events.

Why not embrace your curls and your beautiful luxurious kinky hair at your wedding?

Below are 15 different type of bridal hairstyles for natural hair.

High side afro puff: This hairstyle is very popular and is fairly simple and beautiful allowing your dress to be shown and be focused on.

Easy twisted up do: This is a gorgeous with loosen up those twists by gently pulling on the edges.

Afro with Accessories: This beautiful hairstyle is very gorgeous allowing the hair to be completed with a few accessories.

Chunky Twists Low bun: This is gorgeous and great protective style with a few chunky twist beautiful with a few strands of hair being left.

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Halo Bun with gold string: This style adds a little bit of glamour to your halo crown braid by adorning it with gold string.

Half up-half down style: With or without flowers this beautiful natural hair style is glamorous, elegant, classy and beautiful.

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Halo crown with afro: This crown inspired hairstyle allows your hair to be in a natural style in your most adorned state and look your best whilst embracing your kinky, curly hair.

Flat Twists with low bun: This gorgeous fabulous, flat twist hairstyle allows you to embrace your gorgeous hair texture.

Twisted Hawk with cornrows: This cornrows hairstyle is proof that natural hair is beautiful with a high afro puff completing the look.

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Swept Locks with veil: This natural curls and coils with this elegant high puff twist out, this is absolutely perfect for brides that want to rock veils.

Twisted Hawk: This very beautiful and allows you to have a good time without hair being in your face.

Afro with flowers: This gorgeous style lets you embrace your beautiful curls and completing the look with a beautiful flower on the side is just the perfect hairstyle for your wedding.

Loose twist-out up do: This gorgeous hairstyle is very great if you want something simple and not over the top.

Halo Twist with Low Bun: This hairstyle is just perfect for any bride. It also has benefits as your hair is moisturised underneath for healthy hair growth.

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