Not A Fan Of Veils? Check Out 7 Excellent Headpiece Options For Your Big Day

Not wanting the restrictions a veil might bring on their wedding day, some brides have been known to seek other headpiece options that they would adorn their heads with on the day. Not knowing which to use or pick from, these brides have gone ahead with any option they find or not using any at all. In other to help you avoid these, we have gathered eight excellent alternative that would work just fine for your hair, helping you achieve that stunning hair glam you have been aiming for.

Bridal Hairclips : Bridal clips are great if you plan on letting your hair down. You’ll be able to keep hairs away from your face while still flaunting your flowing curls.

Crown/Tiara: This is perfect for any kind of hairstyle, be it a bun or one you letting down. Not only will you look like a queen in it, it would totally complement your wedding dress.

Fascinator: This is great for any hairstyle and is perfect when you need to add the vintage feel to your outlook.

Flower: This headpiece is totally perfect for that natural breezy look. A flower pin or clip attached firmly on your hair is a good option to adorn it with for your big day. It’s simple yet classy.

Hair Ribbons: For an outdoor wedding, a hair ribbon is your go-to option. This headpiece is particularly good for brides who want their hair braided.

Headband: This is a good headpiece option for brides with short hair. It creates a subdued crown look when worn on an updo and is an excellent choice to help keep your hair firmly in place and away from your face.

Hat: This although has a retro vibe to it, it’s totally perfect for a beach wedding or outdoor wedding. It helps protect your eyes and face against the sun.

Photo Credit: Getty