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    10 Tips For Styling Short Bridal Hair

    The perfect hairstyle completes your overall look for your wedding and without not having the perfect hairstyle you wouldn’t feel special and will feel like your wedding is ruined.

    Short hair is perfect look for a bride. It can be more flattering than long hair as it brings more attention to your facial features.

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    Below is 10 tips for styling short bridal hair.

    Know your hair type: Getting to know your hair can prevent you from wreaking havoc on innocent strands.

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    Choose hair products based on hair thickness: The foundation for healthy, luscious hair begins with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your hair type, along with a deep-conditioning treatment.
    Battle Frizz: There are several ways to help tame frizz, such as getting a good haircut, using cooler water, sleeping on silk.

    Get the right hair tools and accessories: A lightweight hair dryer that won’t put damage, the right hairbrushes, getting hair ties and bobby pins that colour-match your strands.

    Style according to your hair type: For women with try braids, side ponytails or high buns. For women with fine hair experiment with chignons and low buns, and straighten or curl with ease.

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    Keep up with trims: It’s easy for shorter locks to look unkempt when they aren’t kept up with in terms of cuts. Get trims regularly to keep your style looking great.

    Learn the hairbrush basics: When you blow-dry, use a round brush to easily grab every strand. When combined with hot air from a dryer, it can heat up way too fast and burn your tresses.

    Learn to embrace natural texture: Not using any products that might dehydrate the hair, like sulphate’s, mineral oils, waxes, or drying alcohols. This can take away the natural texture.

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    Go light on products: Short hair can look overdone and weighed down if too much product is used. Keep a light hand when applying hair products, adding as you need to for getting the your perfect look.

    Don’t over style: Spending too much time on making sure every hair is in place can result in a dated, overdone look. Instead, keep your look fresh by allowing a little movement.


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