5 Must-Have Items For A Well Prepared Bride

While in the middle of preparations for that special day every girl dream of, we often concentrate on the bigger items on our list for the D-day and pay less attention to the smaller ones we’ll be needing as well. Our minds scream ‘The lovely gown has to be perfect,’ the reception wear has to be in place and the footwear for the occasion must be on point!!!

We understand that a wedding can be a bit too much to plan, hence, taking over the mind and leaving us with less attention for little details that also matter. Therefore in order to ensure you have you’ll be needing on your special day, here are some little, yet important, items you shouldn’t ignore.

A comfortable robe

We hope you will not be wearing your wedding dress all day. A good robe will be great for hair and makeup preparation. However, make sure the robe is also camera-friendly, especially if your photographer is getting some pre-wedding pictures.

Blotting Papers

Although it does not sound attractive, yet even brides sweat on wedding days. A blotting paper will guarantee that your sweat is not seen.

Bottled Water

We understand that water will always be available, but make sure you have a bottled water packed and placed close-by.

Water Facial Spray

It’s gonna be a stressful and probably an exhausting day. A little spritz of the facial spray now and then will be refreshing throughout the day.

Travel Mouthwash (Just a little to guard against sour breath)
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