Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Heel, Based On Your Personal Style

No matter the type of bridal heel you gravitate toward, what’s most important is that you feel beautiful and true to yourself on your wedding day.

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect wedding heel based on your personal style:

1. Consider your personal heel tolerance

Some people rock stilettos every day while others never wear heels. Think about the types of shoes you already have in your closet and use that as a jumping-off point when selecting your wedding footwear.

2. Put comfort first

It might be tempting to pick the highest pair of shoes, but selecting a shoe you can actually wear is essential. If you simply must don a certain style you’re not used to, get a practice pair to walk in as much as possible.

3. Break your shoes in

No matter what type of shoe you end up with, breaking in your wedding kicks will help you avoid blisters and aching toes, and can help determine whether they’re the right pair to wear on the dancefloor.

4. Inform your seamstress of shoe changes

If you plan to change out of your heels on the wedding day, tell your seamstress. They can help ensure your hemline works for both shoe options and avoid potentially tripping on a skirt that’s too long at the reception.

5. Don’t be afraid to skip the heels

If heels don’t feel right for your personal style, or you want to ensure you’re comfortable all night long, it’s totally okay to ditch the idea of wearing it. From flats to boots and sneakers, there are plenty of wedding shoe options for every bridal aesthetic, no foot pain necessary.

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