DIY: How To Make Your Own Cathedral Wedding Veil

Wedding veils are a symbol of purity and what more, they are a stunning head adornment for brides on their wedding day. This is the reason why most brides are always going on and on about getting the right veil. However, getting veils is not the difficult part as getting those that suit your gown and its style represents your personal style and choice and add beauty to your overall outfit.

Sometimes you might see the one that fits your style but doesn’t go well with your gown, or you get neither, due to this and other reasons, some brides opt to make their own veil with the embellishment they favor. Without further ado, we are diving into the do it yourself section for how to make your own cathedral veil. This can also work for your short veils, the only difference is the length.

  • 108/120 inches of tulle material (popularly called net)
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pin/comb

Get your veil and fold it vertically as you place the fold towards you. This is done to check if the two sides are of equal length and width. Then gently mark out a curve at the bottom of your material. This will help to give the veil a curve when it lands on the floor. After getting your curve, pin it down so as to avoid it shifting unnecessarily when cutting.

Then cut. When you are done the cutting, unfold your material to give you all round curve at the bottom. Then the major work starts, the gathering. Get your needle and thread and start sewing at the top. Sew in loose stitches from the edge to the other edge while leaving threads at both edges. This is so you can drag them together when you are done the stitching.

This will help give it the gathering effect you want. You can also decide to leave this out if you don’t want that effect. Lastly, attach your comb to the top of where you have gathered and then attach your lacy adornment around the veil, the bottom or anywhere you want to.

Photo Credit: Getty