“Wo ho ye fɛ” This Ghanaian Bridal Beauty Look Is Made For Queens

Africa boasts a rich cultural heritage that is displayed in several areas like food, dressing, and weddings which are our focus. Ghana is one country rich in a vibrant culture and their weddings are a large affair that anyone deserves to experience. The bride is a major focus on this day and this Ghanaian bridal beauty look is just perfect for the ceremony.

This Ghanaian Bridal Beauty Look Is Made For Queens For this beauty look the muse is wrapped in a beautiful kente, and accessorized with gold Aggrey beads all over the body and a Tekua a traditional crown-like headdress that gives the bride a royal feel and appearance. This Ghanaian bridal beauty look enhances the beauty of the bride and her accessories help to define the rich culture.
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The face beat comprises a nude look with gold eyes and glossy lips that can sit well on any bride’s face. It’s her big day and she deserves to feel every inch like royalty so she is beautifully adorned in jewelry and she slowly moves around announcing her presence to everyone. For our Ghanian soon-to-be brides, don’t be scared to try out this subtle but yet charming Ghanaian bridal makeup for your big day and share the looks with us.

Photo Credit: cliq_kofi