Groomslady: Having A Female Groomsman For Your Wedding

Wedding parties are taking a new turn in recent times with new exciting additions being introduced daily. One of the exciting things we have noticed is the Groomslady trend where the groom has a female groomsman on his train. A lot of men have a number of female friends with who they share close relations with and it is only fair that they make them a part of the biggest day of their life just like their other friends.

Groomslady: Having A Female Groomsman For Your WeddingSeveral grooms have come out to share how they couldn’t imagine their wedding squad without their female friends who they say have played great roles in their dating life so when it was time to sign the dotted lines they had to be there. The groomslady trend is exciting and brings a great mix into the party.

There are a few things to note when introducing a groomslady into your wedding especially to ensure that she doesn’t feel left out and the guys treat her like one of them.
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  1. Attire
    You have to provide for her fitting like the other guys ensuring that the suitmaker or the store has one that fits her and looks sharp like that of the other guys. For the groomslady you are expected to blend in with the other members of the groom’s squad so best believe you will be rocking a tuxedo, a bowtie, and a pocket square like the guys.
  2. Treat her like the guys
    She doesn’t want to feel left out when she’s hanging out with the guys so remember while planning for the pre-wedding activity and the wedding day. Involve your groomslady in the activities and let her contribute her thoughts, ideas to the big picture.
  3. A Neutral Colour Scheme
    Make sure your groom’s squad is wearing a neutral colour that looks good on everyone so no one struggles with blending in during the ceremony. Use the flowers to help coordinate everyone, as well, choosing colors or varieties that tie each portion of the wedding party together.
  4. Location
    All the guys will be dressing up in the same room so where does your grommslady or ladies get ready?. Do you intend to provide a separate bridal suite for her or are you going to ask her to join your bride and her bridesmaid in their suite? Remember to ask your bride if she’s okay with it.
  5. Ask your bride for permission
    Your bride may be friends with her but it is important to know if she is okay with having a mixed Bridal party. It’s her big day so she has to be involved in the entire process and her decision has to be respected.
  6. Have Fun
    This day is special so remember to enjoy the entire event making sure that everyone is good and is having the best time ever. You want to look back on this day and be super grateful to your own people for holding things down.

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