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    Habits That Negatively Impact Your Skin Ahead Of Your Wedding Day

    Keeping your skin clean ahead of your wedding day is helpful. It will keep it glowing.

    However, there are things to avoid in order to have that glowing skin:

    Going to Bed Without Washing Off Your Makeup

    To improve the quality of your complexion before your big day, it is important to wash off your makeup before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup can increase breakouts as well as irritation.

    Failing to Apply Sun Protection Factor (SPF) Daily

    Protecting your skin in the months leading up to your wedding will help you have a bright, glowing complexion on the big day.

    Sun exposure can lead to premature aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment changes, but it can also lead to serious damage that causes cancer.

    Exposure to Outside Air Pollution

    Fine particulate air pollution is a great threat to public health. This type of air negatively affects your body. Ongoing exposure can lead to a noticeable decline in the health and quality of your body’s protective layer.

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    Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution

    The quality of the air inside your home affect your skin, too. The air inside the four walls of your home might be doing more harm than good. A huge amount of pollution is created in homes, especially from cooking to cleaning to using products like aerosols or candles.

    Popping Pimples and Picking at Skin

    Popping pimples and picking at your skin increase the risk of post-acne marks, which often last longer than the original pimple itself.

    Instead of popping pimples, consider seeing a dermatologist, who may be able to do a tiny injection to help it resolve faster.

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