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    10 Nikkai Wedding Dresses For Muslim Couples In Nigeria

    We absolutely love our Muslim couples on their big days as they make their way to the Nikka ceremony in the mosque. The beauty of modesty is taken to the next level with the stunning brides and groom looking incredibly regal as they rock their turban dress or suit, accessories, and of course, the henna.

    10 Nikkai Wedding Dresses For Muslim Couples In NigeriaWatching them make their way to the mosque leaves us mesmerized and we would love to share in their beautiful love story. A lot of Muslim couples, struggle with finding the perfect bridal gown that adheres to the rules of Islam and also looks incredibly fashionable. Gone are the days when Muslim couples opted for boring wedding dresses and looks but now they choose to go all the way giving their best and also serving style inspiration for other modest brides to be.

    To our darling modest couples, we know you are confused about what look would work for your big day as you intend to look your best and also make some strong fashion statements not to worry because we have curated a number of looks to help give you inspiration, guidance about how to slay for your big day.
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