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    Sugar Flower Wedding Cake: New Trend Couples Are Loving

    Wedding cakes have gone through different evolutions over the years and in more recent times there seems to be a new trend couple are absolutely in love with and is found at almost every wedding we see now. The Sugar flower wedding cake is the perfect option for your wedding reception. At every wedding, there is always a highlight that guests never forget and one of them will be the wedding cake from the colour to the tiers and every other detail included in it.

    Sugar Flower Wedding Cake: New Trend Couples Are Loving

    Sugar flower wedding cakes have a special type of beauty and effect that they add to a wedding from their simplicity and the ability to be adapted to whatever idea the couples would love to have. Couples are given the opportunity to be creative with this cake and add whatever detail they like.

    Choose the type of flower you want to have
    Couples could choose rose flowers, greeny, white, and green depending on the idea that they consider perfect for their big day. It could be the colour of the day or the season of the year from spring to autumn or even summer.

    The theme of the day
    If you are a lover of themed weddings a sugar flower cake can be adapted to fit the theme of your big day like a rustic-themed wedding, bohemian-themed wedding, etc.

    Minimalist Wedding
    If you are a minimalist couple then the sugar flower wedding cake is a great choice for you because it is the true definition of less is more. You could keep your cake really simple and add just really simple flowery detail instead of going all out.

    Be Creative
    Let your creative juices flow while decorating your sugar flowery wedding cake and have your baker run creative ideas by you and your partner when you pay him a visit. Consider asking your cakery to incorporate a motif or monogram that you introduced in your wedding invitations.

    We hope these tips help you decide on your options for your sugar flower wedding cake and also serve us as inspiration as you create the special one for your big day.
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