Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Red As A Cherry!!! Vibrant Edo Bridal Look For That Royal Bride

    Like the Edo people say “red mose” (meaning red is beautiful ), the Edo culture is artistic and ancient with many historical backgrounds, and adding a little modern spice to it is everything. so here is a vibrant Edo bridal look.

      Vibrant Edo Bridal Look For That Royal Bride For a bride, your traditional look must be top-notch and definitely a story for people to talk about even after your wedding, you don’t want that day to be forgotten so easily so you have to step in looking like a queen. This Edo bridal look is hot like a red spicy Tatashe, from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet.

    She is giving the queen vibes with the coral crown on her head to the coral accessories that adorned her body, to the beautiful read suede attire she has on and a horsetail staff to match it, now this is differently dropping the queen vibes.
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    Photo Credit: beautybyammydoll

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