See These Beautiful And Trendy Court Wedding Outfits For A Fashionista Bride

As a Nigerian bride, having a court wedding is probably one you would have immediately after your white wedding, as this is just as important as the traditional and white wedding. This wedding serves as legal proof of marriage between two people, hence, it’s a formal event. As a bride or soon-to-be-bride, picking the right court wedding outfit is just as important as getting that right wedding gown.

Although, some brides go for whatever attire they find in their wardrobe simply because the event doesn’t attract that much fanfare, however, this is not advisable. Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your life, so you should cherish it as much as you can. That said, you nitely should take your time in picking your court wedding dress.

Although the event is a formal one, it’s not necessary you go for formal attire, a semi-formal one would also suffice. You should also wear something fun rather than a “stiff” outfit. You might be going to a court, you however, are not going there to argue out a case. so, a trumpet neckline, a canoe neckline or any kind of fun neckline and are totally welcome. That established, check below some court wedding inspired outfits.

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