Synetta Absolutely Wows Us In This Chic Wedding Look

Over the years a lot of us have been used to seeing a certain bridal look of full gowns , a long veil but in recent times things have taken a new turn with brides trying out more intresting, daring and non conformist looks. One of such people is the stunning Synetta for her intimate wedding ceremony.

With the present pandemic a lot of people are opting for small, intimate ceremonies. The stunning melanin bride kept things chic and stunning for her big day. Se ditched the typical full body gown for a silk high slit gown and a long veil that made the look regal . She showed off her amazing long endless legs with this gown.

Her make up mas very minimal and showed off her honey skin. Synetta used simple accessories to finish up her look and certainly came through with an ultimate chic yet classy bridal look.

Brian Pride photography