10 Steps To Pick Your Reception Wedding Dress

Choosing a wedding dress is hard but choosing a reception wedding dress is even more harder. You want it to be absolutely perfect. Something that lets you move around and dance all night with your husband, family and friends.

There’s things to keep in mind when your picking the perfect reception dress. How does the dress make you feel overall? is it in my budget? You want to feel confident, beautiful and be in love with the dress. Picking the best could come with a lot of hassles and upsets before the final decision is made.

Below are 10 steps to pick your reception wedding dress.

Set A Budget: Have a realistic budget that your are happy and willing to spend and try to stick to. Its important not to go over that budget. This could ruin other plans you may have. Go through your running budget, before you decide on a dress.

Also that way you won’t be left disappointed and feel unhappy with a dress you can’t afford.

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Do your research: Go through magazine’s, social media such as, Instagram, watch videos online and go through Pinterest for inspiration. This is a great way to narrow down what you like and don’t like. You can see what fabrics are used in all the dresses and which are the best.

Shop early: You don’t want to shop last minute and pick a dress you are not happy with truly. Take time and shop 6-8 months before your wedding reception. Try on every dresses which catches your eye as it might be the one.

Remember many alterations and accessorising are left. So pick way before the wedding.

Comfort: Its important that you feel comfortable when picking the final dress. Test it before hand. You can sit down, dance, and walk up and down. Follow your instinct and if that is something you’ll be happy wearing and feel comfortable the entire night.

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable on your special night. That can ruin your overall mood. Choose smartly.

Colour & dress code: If you have a type of dress code in your wedding then its important to consider that when choosing a dress. It should align with the colour and dress code on the big day. You want to match with your husband, bridesmaid and  the wedding reception décor.

Wearing a different colour that does not match the scheme is not ideal.

Size: Not all dresses fit well on everyone and this is is important to consider. Just because you like the dress it might not look ideal and look how you want it to. Decide which features you would like to emphasise.

Location: The location of your wedding reception is what you consider when picking the perfect reception dress. Will the reception be at a beach or in a venue. If you at a beach; you would want your dress to be flowy and not too long and also easy to get around.

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Take support: Its important that you take support and have people guide and give you their input. This is easy way to pick and choose your overall wedding reception outfit. They can give inputs on what they don’t or do like about the dress and this can make you see clearly and make you think and also make your decisions.

Be 100% sure: If there is even a small doubt in your mind that your not happy with the dress then make sure that you listen to that thought. You want to be happy and not being 100% sure will have a huge toll on you on the wedding day and your reception all night.

Backup: Accidents do occur during a wedding reception and also before the event. Things can always go wrong and its important that you have a backup plan when choosing a reception dress.

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