8 Tips To Note When Choosing A Wedding Caterer

Food is an integral part of wedding planning and the big day as guests come from far and wide to celebrate with you and deserve to be fed well with good and mouth-watering meals. Food is something people will always remember about your wedding so you need to hire someone who will deliver.

Choosing the right caterer is important if you want a reception to remember and the type and style of food set the tone for your wedding, and you want to be sure it tastes great. Today we share tips to help couples, families choose the right wedding caterer for their wedding.
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  1. Determine your budget
    You’ll need to determine your budget as it will determine what amount the caterer gets for their service and how much you are willing to spend on the service. Do preliminary research to see what the typical cost of a wedding caterer is in your area and set your budget from there. When interviewing wedding caterers, be sure to ask what is included in their fee. If you’re on a tight budget, tell the caterer your limitations to determine if they can create a package that is right for you.
  2. Determine your menu and food list
    You should know the type of food that will be served at your wedding whether it’s traditional dishes, international dishes or certain specific meals you consider important to your celebration. You and your partner can create a food menu together and present it to your prospective caterers to know if they can handle and meet your needs.
  3. Begin your search early 
    Start searching for your caterer early as many are often booked many months, sometimes years in advance, so locking in a caterer for your date and time should be a high priority.
  4. Logistics
    When choosing a caterer should also be influenced by the closeness to your wedding venue so the food can arrive on time. Certain types of foods can’t be kept in the heat for too long and certain meals need to be prepared at the venue so proximity is very important.
  5. Set Up Appointments
    Discuss every detail you can think of and ask questions ensuring that all areas of the ceremony are very covered and addressed.  Layout your clear vision for the day, round up a list of questions.
  6. Trust Reviews
    Reading online reviews is an excellent way to get a feel for how a caterer has performed in the past. Most reputable caterers will be listed on professional wedding websites. You can also check out Facebook and other social media platforms with customer reviews that can help you gauge the level and quality of food and service.7. Schedule your tasting event
    You want to make sure their food lives up to the hype. A tasting also gives you the opportunity to more fully discern whether the quality, style, and presentation of their food meet your expectations. Additionally, a tasting prior to finalizing a contract gives you the opportunity to discuss how your own ideas can be worked into their existing menus.

    8. Sign the dotted lines
    Once you’ve completed your tastings and picked your wedding caterer, the last step is to sign your contract. Before signing, you should see a finalized proposal that includes the total cost of the food and drink, which encompasses the menu, catering staff, linens, and any additional fees. When you’re happy with the proposal, draw up the final contract, sign it, and let the caterer take it from there.

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