Inside Amaka And Chuks’ Romantic Rooftop Proposal

Amaka and Chuks met in a clubhouse group during the pandemic.

Amaka and Chuks took their friendship from the clubhouse group to Instagram DMs.

The two are now on a lifetime journey as Amaka said yes to her lover in a romantic rooftop proposal.

Enjoy their love story and proposal photos.

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How they met, as shared by Amaka:

During the pandemic, I stumbled upon a vibrant Igbo group on ClubHouse, little did I know that it would lead me to a love so sweet. The moderator’s request was for group members to connect on Instagram.

Chuks and I followed each other, I liked some of his posts and he would reply to my Instagram stories on some days… It was the start of something beautiful.

One day, he posted the news of his father’s passing and I reached out with heartfelt condolences. He replied and mentioned his upcoming trip to Nigeria for his father’s funeral in February 2022, suggesting we meet for dinner.

When he came to Nigeria, I invited him to my church and after church, we went for lunch. Our conversations were so smooth and it was so easy to click with Chuks. It was as if we had known each other for eternity.

Our bond grew stronger and even when he returned to Canada, we would spend hours on video calls daily and it didn’t feel like we were forcing it. Most sweetly, we made it official.

He returned in January 2023 to make it official and meet my parents, and they fell head over heels for him. October was the happiest month of my life when he came back to propose in the most beautiful way.

Here we are today, planning our beautiful future. I’m so grateful the pandemic brought me my soulmate. I would never imagine my life to be any other way.

Here’s How Chuks popped the question:

Chuks kept teasing me about how Igbo men don’t do proposals so I took my mind off having a proposal. 😂

One day, he told me his cousin was planning an all-white-themed welcome party and that we should pick our outfits. He picked my dress but I kept saying this dress was too much for someone else’s event. Little did I know that it was for my proposal.

When I walked into the proposal, I was amazed cause everything was so beautiful and thought out. From the decor to the background music (Best Part of Me by Johnny Drille) which is one of our favourite music and OMG the RING!!!! was perfect. I cried like a baby, especially after seeing my family and friends.

October 7th has to be one of the best days of my life. I said YES to the man of my dreams!!!  I’m so glad I have the best man in the world.

When the planner sent the video of the proposal, I stayed up all night watching the video on repeat.

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