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    What To Expect From An Edo Traditional Marriage List

    The people of Edo are considerate and the bridal list is purely symbolic and for traditional rites- never a payment- because the bride is not an article for sale.

    In Edo state, the list varies widely. The items listed below are mostly among the list:

    • 1 Holy Bible
    • 1 Umbrella
    • 28 tubers of yams (4 piles of 7 yams each)
    • 20-25 litres of palm oil
    • Wrappers: Anywhere from 6 yards each for the bride’s parents to a suitcase of wrappers
    • Drinks: A jar of palm wine
    • Two bottles of Schnapps
    • Crates of malt drinks
    • Cartons of beer
    • A carton of wine to be held by the groom
    • Kolanuts
    • A bag of salt
    • Money: A small amount as the official bride price: Sometimes N24, other times N1500
    • N5,000 cash for the bride’s mother
    • N3,000 cash for the bride’s father
    • N9,000 cash for the men in bride’s lineage
    • N6,000 cash for the women bride’s lineage

    In some instances, you may also find:

    • Coconuts
    • A bag of rice
    • A bottle of honey
    • A packet of sugar
    • Bush meat

    In all, some men who have married Edo ladies have said the items rarely ever cost up to N200,000.

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