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    Efik Traditional Marriage List – The Ultimate Guide To A Perfect Union

    The Efik traditional marriage is very colourful and there are lots to learn from the rich cultural wedding ceremony.

    In Efik tribe, it is expected that when a man finds the woman he wishes to spend the rest of his life with, the man informs his family, who in turn, sends letter to the woman’s family, stating their intention.

    Usually, such letter is accompanied with drinks and/or gifts. If the lady’s family consent, they send back a reply, and this leads to a visitation by the man’s family, to the lady’s family.

    Then there is knocking of the door, where the man is presented with the traditional marriage list. The highlight of this day is the presentation of drinks by the man. Each drink presented by him has a significance attached to it. For instance, a separate drink is presented for expressing intention, another for appreciation, and another for prayers. Usually, there will be at least seven drinks presented by the man on this day, each bearing its own individual significance.

    Here are the list of Efik Traditional Marriage:

    1. Knocking drinks: One Brigadier Brandy, 1 bottle of star, and two soft drinks.

    2. Prayer drinks: One IMG dry Gin, two bottles of Star, two malts and two bottles of soft drinks.

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    3. Drinks for expressing intention: One Brandy, three bottles of Star, two bottles of Stout (big), Four Gold malt, and two soft drinks.

    4. Introduction Drinks: One bottle of (1501) big bottle, one MG dry Gin, two Champdor red win, six bottles of star, four bottles of Gulder, six bottles of B/stout, malts and soft drinks in any quantity with N30,000 cash.

    5. Appreciation drinks: One St. Remy, One MG Dry Gin, One Brgadier brand, two Champdor red wine, six bottles of Star, four bottles of Gulder, and Stout, mineral/ malts with N10,000 cash.

    After the Efik wedding celebrations, the new couple are accompanied home with their traditional folk dance which signifies the success of the occasion.

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