How To Plan A Cheap Nigerian Wedding

There is a saying in Nigeria that says “Na who get money dey do wedding”. This typically means that weddings are naturally expensive to plan, but still, there’s always a way to make it possible. Planning a cheap Nigerian wedding can be a bit difficult even for the best wedding planners.
How To Plan A Cheap Nigerian Wedding

The secret in planning a cheap Nigerian wedding lies in how you set your priorities because we know how it gets, our parents might want to invite the whole world to the event if they can. Once you are able to set your priorities then you’ll understand that there is so much that wasn’t necessary. If you really want to make this work instead of going through the normal lavish wedding planning then you better stick around and check out some points that can help you in achieving a low-key wedding in Nigeria.
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Here are a few ways to plan a cheap Nigeria wedding
Make a wedding shopping list
Make a list of the things you want to buy, hire, or rent for the wedding. This will definitely help you avoid the usual impulsive overspending and make you stick to your budget.
Keep your attendance small
From your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and guests, make sure you keep your attendance list short. If you were supposed to have up to six bridesmaids and groomsmen you can cut it to three each, at least this will also help in the reduction of some cost.
Create a guest list
Get a guest list, know the number of guests coming for your wedding. If you want a total number of 30 guests make sure you there names on a list and give it to the doorman in charge of letting people into the venue so as the avoid unwanted guests.
Keep the meal style simple
When considering if you want to go with a buffet or a sit-down meal, make sure you remember that you are planning for a small and cheap wedding hence the venue for the ceremony will be a small one and in this case, it is advisable to have a sit-down meal because the venue might be too small to contain a buffet.
Limit the menu options
Cut down on the list of things you want to have on your menu. Remember you have to consider the price of these items on the menu, keep the menu option small and limit the varieties of food that should be served. Serve the essential party food that Nigerians love, if you had planned on serving a six-course meal reduce it down to three or even two. You should know that the more food you serve the more expenses you have to prepare for.

Get a planner
We know getting a wedding planner is definitely expensive, but the only way for you to manage the budget you have set up is to work with a planner. Get someone who knows his/her job and is good at it.

Keep a small budget and stick to it
This is the highlight of everything. Plan your budget, make it small and try to stick with it. Once you have your budget and you have a planner make sure to work hand in hand with him/her to see through that you don’t get to go over the actual budget that you had set.

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