Jennie And Kayode Met At A Mutual Friend’s Birthday. Enjoy Their Romantic Rooftop Proposal And Love Story!

Jennie and Kayode met at a mutual friend’s birthday, and from there, something sweet happened.

It was a mutual friend’s birthday, Jennie went to his hostel to wish him a happy birthday. Kayode, who was also present, saw her charming smile and her sweet voice. His heart was captured and from a simple “hi”, the two are taking a bold to the forever journey.

Kayode planned a surprise proposal for his baby girl and she said ‘YES’ with the whole of her heart.

Enjoy their love story and lovely proposal photos.

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How it started, as shared by Jennie:

Kay and I met through a mutual friend in 2015. It was the said friend’s birthday and I had just returned from class and went to wish him a happy birthday. I noticed someone tall and handsome staring at me and he proceeded to say “Hi” which I replied “Hello” with a smile and wave.

Didn’t think much of it until our said friend came to me some days later and told me “A fe gbe isu wa oo” meaning “we want to bring yam ooo” in Yoruba. At first, I was confused like yam for what?? Then he told me that his friend was interested in me and wanted my number. I refused at first because I was like “So he can’t come to me himself Abi??? I smell pride.” After small shakara, I eventually agreed to give him my number.

We agreed to meet and he was the loveliest person ever. Very shy and cute and before i knew it, feelings I didn’t know were there began to blossom.

Nine years later, and I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with this beautiful man of mine. On the day of the proposal, I didn’t have the slightest idea. Kay is usually bad at surprises and I always find out eventually. So imagine my surprise that day when i walked into the venue and saw all of that.

My close friend told me we were going to a wedding and since it was impromptu, I shouldn’t worry about getting the asoebi as she has already sorted that out. She was sooo convincing and because we always go out together…I didn’t suspect anything. Kay even made sure he got another dress for me to change after the surprise. It was the most beautiful proposal ever as it was everything I wanted.

How they met, as shared by Kayode:

The first time I saw Jennie was when I went to visit my friend who lived at her hostel back then in school. It was his birthday and she had just come back from class. She came into the room to wish him a happy birthday.

She had the most gorgeous smile and it melted my heart immediately. She was very soft spoken and jovial and I couldn’t resist saying ‘Hi’ to her. My heart skipped a beat when she smiled at me and said “hello” with a wave.

It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. I knew from that moment I wanted her to be mine forever. She gave a bit of tough time, very strong willed woman but it was all worth it in the end.

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