Tomi And Femi Found Love In NYSC Camp 10 Years Ago! Enjoy Their Love Story And Sweet Proposal Photos

Tomi and Femi met during their NYSC orientation exercise 10 years ago. They were not in touch for a while but the distance only made their hearts grow fonder.

They gave love another chance and Femi knew he wasn’t going to let Tomi out of his sight again. He planned a surprise romantic proposal where he went down on one knee, popping the big question, and she said ‘yes’ to forever!

Enjoy their love story and proposal photos.

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How they met, as shared by Tomi:

Femi and I struck a friendship during our NYSC orientation exercise in 2013. Even though there was always an initial attraction; we were both committed to other things and people and we left it as a good friendship.

However, we kept in touch and in 2014, while Femi was away furthering his studies, we got closer and spoke every day. At this point, we were both single and decided to commit to each other. Our friends and family became well acquainted with each other and it felt like a fairy tale.

Sadly, we parted ways a few years later. We were quite young and there were a lot of sacrifices we both weren’t willing to make then. However, the love and friendship we had never wavered; and our families always kept in touch and believed that God would guide us back to each other.

We started dating other people so we barely communicated due to the respect we owed our previous relationships.

My relationship at the time ended terribly and surprisingly, Femi who hadn’t spoken to me in over a year became very present and reassured me with words and actions.

His relationship had also ended and In this time, our outlook to life had changed and our experiences had shaped us enough to appreciate and give the best versions of ourselves to each other.

It truly felt like we were back home. All our friends and family also showered us with a lot of love and support. A few of my friends also prayed with me. Thereafter, we prayerfully got back together and in December 2023, he asked me to be his home forever and I said yes!

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