A Tasty Love Affair! Food And Friendship Is Sprinkled With A Whole Lot Of Love As Kez and Kel Bond Over Food

Kez put up some videos and photos of some mouth-watering meals online and through those posts, Kel got to know the love of his life.

Kel soon realized that behind those tasty-looking meals was beautiful Kez who had stolen his heart.

Now, these two are on a sweet ride to a lifetime journey. Below is their sweet love story and pre-wedding photos.

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Enjoy their love story as shared by Kel:

Our love story started with food. I couldn’t resist all the good food she was always cooking and posting videos and pictures of. Unfortunately, she never sent some to me but we became friends and I could deal with that.

As time passed, I got to know her and became close friends with her. We were straightforward with our plans and started a relationship. Today, here we are. Also, congrats to me on the unlimited food till Jesus comes. 😅

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