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    Michael And Anthonia’s Love Story Began With A Cheeky Message And A Witty Response… Enjoy Their Love Journey!

    Anthonia and Michael’s love story began with a cheeky message and a witty response in the DMs.

    When Anthonia and Michael had their first date, it was as if they had known each other for a long time.

    The foundation of their love was so strong that even when time and distance seem to be a barrier, their love stood still and they found their way back into each other’s arms. Now, the lovebirds are riding onto the path to forever.

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    Enjoy their love journey below:

    How they met as shared by Anthonia:

    Michael slid into my DMs sometime in September 2018 with a text that read “Hello, I’m just shooting my shot”. I thought it was the funniest and most ridiculous thing but I was feeling cheeky so I responded back with something witty…. and the conversation took off.

    We kept messaging back and forth for around two weeks, cracking jokes and getting to know each other and then he disappeared. I was confused but had a lot going on at the time so I just charged it to the game and kept it moving.

    He then popped up just a week later and was like “Honestly, I’m bad with socials, can I have your number?”. I was in Nigeria with my Mum on a quick trip at the time and I needed company, so I shared it and we spoke the entire trip.

    When I got back to London, we met up and it was magical like we knew each other before.. and he loved Asa!

    Everything was going well for around a year. I like to call this our interlude period because let’s just say I was scared of commitment and ran for the hills. However, we rekindled 2 years later. I reached out and the rest was history.

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