Till Death Do Us Part: Nigerian Church Wedding Programme

It’s time to get married to the love of your life and receive the blessing of God upon your new home in front of family and friends. We know you are excited to say your vows and begin your life with the one but first, let’s get planning out of the way. A major part of your wedding ceremony is the wedding programme.

 Nigerian Church Wedding ProgrammeThis directs the order of the day and how the activities of your wedding ceremony in the church will go. A program of activities to guide the proceedings accompanies the church wedding. There are many formats to a church wedding programme but most follow a general guide.
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Below is a general guide to help the bride and groom present a practical wedding programme.
1. The Cover
The cover of your wedding program should be attractive and contain floral or ring images. The color of the program depends on the color theme of the day. A picture of the bride and groom can appear after Our Wedding Program boldly written at the top of the program. The name of the couple, time, and date of the wedding should also be on the cover.

2. First page of your programme
On the first page of your wedding programme is the order of service for the Blessing of the marriage between the brides and groom. Listed next is the church where the union is to take places such as The Church of the Pentecost and the type of communion. Under the church, you include the address or venue, date of the wedding, and time.

3. Officiating ministers
These are the pastors and other ministers of the church who will be officiating the wedding. You have the name of the pastors, music ministers, Deacons, etc.

4. Table of Content
The table of content varies from wedding to the next but the format is the same. In your table of content, you start with the processional hymn, introduction, and then declaration. The next is the hymn and the marriage proper conducted by the priests. After the marriage, we have a psalm, prayers for the bride and groom, and another hymn.

The bible reading comes before the sermon and any appointed member of the family can do the bible reading. The priest then gives a sermon for a duration of thirty minutes, another hymn, and concluding prayers for the bride and groom.

Table of content

1 Processional Hymn 1

2 Introduction

3 Declaration

4 Hymn 2

5 The Marriage

6 Psalms

7 Prayer

8 Hymn3

9 Bible reading

10 The Sermon

11 Hymn 4

12 Concluding Prayers fro the couple

13 Signing of the Marriage register

14 Thanksgiving

15 Benediction

16 Notices

17 Withdrawal Hymn

18 Order of Photographs

19 Bridal Train

20 Programme for the reception

21 Order of photograph

22 Bridal train

23 Reception programme

5. Signing of the Marriage registry

The signing of the marriage register is a very important part of the marriage. The register attests to the union ordained by God and certified by the church and your witnesses. The priests, father, and mother of both bride and groom sign the marriage register. In the absence of a family member, the family head or a friend can perform the same function.

6. The thanksgiving

Thanksgiving depends on the worship mode of the church, Pentecostal worship includes lots of songs and dancing. The duration of the thanksgiving is at the discretion of the officiating priest, then the benediction.

7. Notices and withdrawal hymn

The notices are for the benefit of the church members in the congregation. However, the priest is at liberty to inform the congregation of the wedding venue.

8. The order of photographs

The order of photographs is an important aspect of any wedding programme so precise order is important. The couple takes their first photograph with the officiating ministers. Then the couple with the bride’s parents, couple with bride’s family and the couple with the groom’s family. The couple takes a picture with the Best man, with the chief bridesmaid.

The couple each takes another photograph alone and then the bride with the bridesmaid, groom with his best man. They are then photographed with the bridal train, men in suits, and the couple’s friends. They stand with people wearing the Aso-Ebi material, couple with the bride’s friends and groom’s friends. The couple are photographed with the groom’s men, bride and siblings, office workers, guests, and those in traditional outfits.

What to say at the beginning of a wedding?

Welcome to everyone who has gathered to witness this momentous event in the lives of the BRIDE and GROOM. I implore you to join me in recognizing and celebrating this day and the vows they will be making. You witness and confirm their commitment to one another’s love by being there.

How long is a church wedding ceremony?

Church ceremonies tend to be around 45 minutes to an hour.

What parts of the wedding need music?

When making your plans, keep in mind which music to play at these 10 key moments on your special day!
  • Prelude.
  • Processional.
  • Bridal Processional.
  • Recessional.
  • Reception Entrance.
  • First Dance.
  • Father/Daughter Dance.
  • Mother/Son Dance.
  • The Party-Starter
  • The Last Song



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