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    #BFF-Obafemi & Bukunmi’s Proposal And Love Story

    Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is all sorts of things you want it to be. It’s always amazing seeing two love birds immersed in each other and planning to tie the knot. Obafemi & Bukunmi’s proposal and love story is one that started off as a friendship before it lead them to their exact moment.
    Obafemi & Bukunmi's Proposal

    We are loving every little detail of this personalized proposal and love story. Bukunmi shared a story of how she and Obafemi met each other and their story was an adorable one.
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    Part 1
    “I met Femi about three weeks after I moved back to Nigeria, at the hospital where I went for tests for my NYSC Medical Clearance Certificate. Though I ought to have gone to another hospital for the certificate, due to a series of events, I ended up visiting the hospital where he worked at.
    Femi always calls it Providence, and I couldn’t agree more.”
    Part 2
    “My mom and I got to the hospital only to be attended to by this doctor who laughed at me for the way I was pronouncing my name, and I was like “Who is this one?” Lol.
    There were some issues with my form and, for some reason, my mom had to collect his number so he could keep up with things for us. But, oh boy, that was how baba started famzing me o, lol.”
    Part 3
    “He asked for my number, and let’s just say from that day, we never stopped talking. He told me all his plans.
    Weeks after, he was calling me his best friend, writing poems for me… man was already feeling fine girl. I won’t say it was love at first sight for me though because I was closed to relationships at the time, but I really enjoyed our conversations. I however wasn’t really interested in anything more.
    However, our dear doctor had liked me from the day we met, and he kept asking me to date him, but I kept saying “No” or “I’ll pray about it” only as an excuse. I didn’t pray about it until almost three months later when he kept asking me what God said to me. At this point, I told my mum to pray with me alongside some of my other close friends.
    After prayers, I was at peace to date Femi. I said, “God, let your will be done. If you say this will be my husband, so be it.”
    Part 4
    “It hasn’t always been rosy. We argued a lot, but I would just always table the matter before God, saying something like, “God, you said I can date this boy. See what’s happening o”. I have learned to trust God and also to forgive more. Femi forgives me a lot too.

    I’m excited about this new phase.
    I’m excited to do forever with my best friend, and I’m trusting God to see us through this next stage.
    Cheers to forever, Bobo mi.”

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