#cocolovespanda: Office Romance Led Ayomide And Tunde To Forever, Pre-wedding Photos

They always say you find love in the strangest of places and we couldn’t agree more with this saying looking at Tunde and Ayomide’s beautiful love story. It was a work training for better productivity but the heart was also ready to be productive and find that special person that makes everything perfect. The couple shared their love story during their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Ayomide And Tunde Pre-wedding PhotosThe bride revealed that they worked in the same organization and were scheduled for work training together which is where they got talking. They both discovered they attended the same high school and one conversation led to another and gave birth to forever.
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Read the beautiful love story here and see more beautiful moment from their Pre-wedding Photos
“We used to work in the same organization. Last quarter in 2016, my organization scheduled me for training at the training school. Coincidentally Babatunde was also scheduled for the same training which is where we met. He walked up to me and started the convo like he knew me.

I was shocked because he mentioned the high school I attended which again coincidentally is the high school he attended though we never met in high school. I refused to have anything to do with him because i felt it was probably work shenanigans. Fast forward to 2017, he kept trying to convince me back to back, and he actually told me that “He was different”.

On the 22nd of November,2017, I agreed to be his girlfriend and I can say it was the best decision I made because he was actually different. He was everything I prayed and hoped for and more. November 18, 2020, he asked me to marry him and I said YES💃💃
I am super pumped about this new phase with Babatunde.😍. I pray that the Lord will go before us, be with us and watch our back on this journey.
Always and Forever Panda 🐼😍

Photo Credit: George Faleye