Tuesday, May 21, 2024

    Because We Signed Up For Beautiful Love Stories, Tosin And Samuel Served It Hot!

    Tosin and Samuel are just the stunning couple you cannot stop gushing over. They are stylish, sweet, and most importantly so in love. To cap it all up, their love story is as beautiful as they are. Every session of their pre-wedding shoot perfectly showcases their loving self while serving us with non-stop awesomeness. Their love story is simply amazing, proving that when its the right time to find love, the universe would definitely make that way for you. Enough said, recent bride, Tosin shared her side of the love story when she said: “We met through a mutual friend while on the plane 4 years ago. I was on the plane on my trip back to NYC from visiting family members and a developing charity event that would later be planned by the Therapist Without Borders Foundation. The plane ride was an exciting one as we know the trip back to the states takes about 12 hours or more depending on the airline. During the duration of the flight, I chatted with the passenger next to me as she was on her way to the states for the first time, and she was pregnant at that time. We developed a rapport and exchanged numbers and Instagram handles to keep in touch while she was in NYC, since that was my state of residence. We kept in touch from time to time sending Instagram messages and commenting under each other’s pictures. Well, I noticed that each comment I wrote there was this specific guy liking it. Then one day he put a comment on a comment I left under her picture. I decided to follow his page although our pages were private; he accepted and followed me back. A month or so went by and he decided to “slide into my dm”. I remember his message in 2015 it stated: “oh so you are in Lagos now and you never told me!” I was shocked because I didn’t expect him to send me a message or even keep up with my yearly voyage to Nigeria in December. I responded and we began to chat. I noticed something unique about him during our weeks of chatting. We began to realize that we had similar friends, we like similar things and foods, we love visiting similar restaurants in Lagos, we love similar artists, and to top it all we have similar fashion sense. Wowzers, that was mind-blowing! Samuels also shared his own story as he revealed what motivated him to like and sliding into her dm: “I and my wife met through an old school-mate of mine, I would say fate brought us together. Our paths were different- in regards to our career choices and the country we both reside. I observed this intelligent and beautiful woman who we shared mutual friends on Instagram. She commented under her pictures, and I loved the way she expressed her thoughts so I proceeded to like some of her comments. Photo Credit: Getty

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