#Dalovestory Is The Sweetest Love Story You Would Read Today

Sometimes Cupid doesn’t come directly, sometimes he sends amazing aunties to hook you up with the man of your dreams. Ada was hellbent on avoiding the prince charming her aunt set her up for, little did she know forever was just an encounter away! We could tell you the story ourselves or let the stunning bride-to-be, Ada tell you the beautiful tale of how she met the dashing Dennis. I met Dennis at a time in my life when I least expected; I had traveled to London for 3 weeks to spend Christmas with my family in the UK; a journey that would be the beginning of my forever with Dennis. Barely 24 hours after I arrived at my Aunt’s house, she wouldn’t stop talking about this handsome gentleman she knew and was bent on introducing me to him. I laughed this off and told her I wasn’t interested, but she persisted. In fact, she was relentless. The more she persisted, the more I refused! At this point, my dear aunt gave up, or so I thought. About 3 days into my trip, Dennis and my aunty went ‘babe hunting’…lol, I got to find out later that there was someone else my aunty wanted him to meet before I came and since I was not “interested” she carried on with her initial plan, but as they say, “what is yours is yours”. After the meeting, Dennis came to drop my Aunty at home and she insisted I come say Hi. Once again, I vehemently refused!  I hadn’t had a shower and I looked a piping hot mess. It was so bad, I had two odd socks on (he still teases me about it to this day) and wearing one of those boarding house type checkered nightgowns, and I couldn’t be bothered to go and change into something decent. Little did I know my aunt hadn’t given up. She brought Dennis upstairs to say Hi, by fire, by force! An extreme case of “If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain will” I am thankful she insisted (Thank you, Aunty, I love you!).As Dennis walked in, I didn’t know what to expect. He introduced himself, we chatted briefly, he took my number and left. The next day, he called! We spoke for about 2 hours, discussed all topics under the sun and we haven’t gone a day without speaking ever since. I saw him every day from our first date till the day I left. We had such a blast. I had made so many plans and had activities lined up with one of my best friends who was also going to be in London for Christmas. I was also supposed to go to Birmingham to spend a few days with my family friends, however, me being the horrible friend and family friend that I am, I bailed on these plans because of man. A disgrace! (They still tease me about this till date, but they are thankful that my bad behaviour ‘yielded fruit’ lol). I came back to Nigeria in January unexpectant. I just had a great holiday with the most amazing guy, but a part of me was still weary, because you know, they say men are dubious, and it’s wise to take everything they say with a small pinch of salt. A part of me thought this will end up being one of those holiday romance situations that fizzle out after a while considering the fact that we were thousands of miles apart and long distance relationships are a scam and a sham! Dennis proved me wrong. Taking a chance with him is one of the best decisions I ever made. We continued our relationship and very quickly it was obvious fate had brought us together. He soon became a big part of my life and I was struck by his patience, genuine kindness to me and everyone else around him, gentle spirit, generosity and unproblematic nature. The perfect balance to my fiery Taurean personality and all my wahala! The rest, as they say, is history! Photo Credit: @shutterwavephotography