#deelaw2022: From A Simple “Hello” To Forever!!! Tobiloba And Olawale’s Love Story + Pre-wedding Photos

They say we find love where we least expect it but for us, we say you find love when you look closely because it is always around the corner and beautiful love stories like this one make us really happy. A simple hello to a stranger can spark up a lifetime of happiness and joy just like it is for Tobiloba and Olawale in the #deelaw2022 love story.

The groom shared how he bumped into this beautiful stranger on the street and after saying Hello he never wanted to stop talking to her. We can’t get enough of the cute and beautiful love these two share and their pre-wedding shoot is giving us all the feels we can imagine.
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“We met in 2009 on her way back from fashion school.

I just got back from work that evening and decided to visit my friend who operates a chemist store. After so much discussion with him, I stepped out of the store and I saw an image which looked like an Angel, so pretty; walking down from the end of the street. She was wearing a nice Ankara and almost immediately, I got a lot of thoughts running through my head.

Normally, I don’t approach ladies, but this day felt totally different. I gathered courage and walked up to her (las-las, it is either a YES or a NO 😁). I walked up to her and I said “Hello”, she replied and that was it. Luckily for me, she stays in that area and I also just moved into the area. So, it was a smooth ride for me.

I got even more attracted to her when I discovered she was a virgin (this swept me off completely) and because of how she uses her words, (frankly speaking, her words could raise the dead). We started seeing each other, long chats, and late midnight calls every day, those days of MTN extra-cool.

I didn’t look like it when we met, but still, she stuck to this man who was just struggling for survival, had only a bed space back then, but she never complained, rather she supported her. We honestly don’t look like what we’ve been through, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with the most patient, caring, beautiful, and ambitious woman ever”.

Photo Credit: @kayceekonceptsphotography