#MensahBonus2020- Here’s How Samuel And Anne Met!

We know you enjoyed their proposal story, I mean who wouldn’t? It has the major characteristics of the perfect proposal, the perfect ring, the surprise, the sweet location, the friends and loved ones, everything was top notch. Anne and Samuel really dished all the goals. How they met was so sweet too. Anne shared how they met when she disclosed that:

“My fiancé Samuel and I met in 2014 at Advertising week Europe where we were both volunteers. It’s funny because we actually went to the same university (University of the Arts London), but didn’t meet there because of the year difference. When we met during the advertising week event, we lost contact for about a year, but in my last year of university after the submission of all of my projects, he messaged me on Facebook asking how I was and if I wanted to meet for some dinner. I meet up with him and about 6 months after, he asked me to be his girlfriend – and of course, I said yes!

Photo Credit: @callmeconstant