#Dloveaffair21: Olajumoke And Adebayo Golden Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A day will come when you meet the right person that will be there for a long time, it comes with a lot of difficulty for some, but for others, it comes faster than expected. The two lovebirds Olajumoke and Adebayo shut down the internet with their pre-wedding

These two lovebirds have found their perfect match in each other and they are ready to tie the knot. When you see two people that are in love, there is an enclosed space within them and reality because all that matters is the person right in front of them and this pre-wedding photoshoot is giving the chills.
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This couple has rendered a divine grace on us with their stunning pre-wedding photoshoot images and we are here for it. They even shared their beautiful love story on Instagram and it was the most perfect love story you will ever come across.
They posted
We met through a friend in 2017 I hardly gave him attention because I was in a serious relationship, he sha kept trying as the Yoruba demon that he’s na 😂we met at events countless times, we just smile at each other and mostly wink at times (lol)…I was already liking him tho (2018)because I was single then so no long talks, but I refuse to concur as the Yoruba babe that I am, gradually he kept calling and showing all love and affection but the shakara in me won’t allow me to succumb, most times when I get an invite to an occasion, I’d text him to know if he’d be present at the same event if he says No my vibe just go from 100-0, something came up that made me so angry and decided not to even talk to him again I deleted his number and blocked him but my other friend apologized on his behalf and we started talking again
Finally, I accepted (March 26, 2019) we were so obsessed with each other, he treated me differently and especially, he’s God-fearing, caring, we definitely had our low times but we overcame, he’s my love story I write him into everything I see, everything I touch and everything I do, he’s the word that fills my pages so we decided to make it official cheers to forever.

Photo Credit: Georgefaleye