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    10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Long Term Partnership Over Marriage

    A long term partnership is quite similar to marriage but you’re just not married to the person. People in long-term partnership often go through crises together but you’ll learn that your partner will be there for you every step of the way.


    Below are 10 reasons why you should consider a long term partnership over marriage.

    Cures Loneliness: If you ever feel lonely and have no one to share things with then being in a long term partnership is what you should consider. You will get to share what part of your life you want.


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    Weddings are expensive: You get to save huge amount of money when not married. Getting married is very expensive. An average person spends £10,000 on a wedding which is ridiculous. A long term partnership will save you huge amount of money than being married.


    Keep your last name: You get to keep your last name. You won’t feel like a piece of you is missing and have a loss of identity because you had to change your surname to your partners. Also, no one will be disappoint and have negative views about you changing your surname.


    Marriage isn’t legally necessary: Marriage is not necessary at all. You don’t have to have your name on a piece of paper to prove you’re compatible and your love for each other.


    Communication: You get to choose when you want to communicate. You will know that you will have someone who knows you better than anyone else, is ready to listen to your fears, concerns, plans and problems and can be the person for whatever it is you want to discuss.


    Income: You will get to keep all the money you have ever made to yourself. You won’t have to sign a prenup because your not married and in a long term partnership.


    More Space: You will have more space in a long term partnership than a marriage. Whenever you feel low and need space, it is easier for someone that is not married to you to understand.


    Fun: Tasks can sometimes be the highlight of your day when you get to complete them with your partner. Grocery shopping becomes fun, putting groceries away becomes fun. When you’re married it becomes boring because your so used to doing it.


    Unmarried are happier: Studies show that people that are not married are more happier than those married. You won’t have to put up with someone everyday and get annoyed with them.

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    No messy Divorce: You won’t have to battle in court if you ever divorce. Your assets are yours. Even if you think that you will never break up and that the marriage is solid, fair settlements are hard to come by and the process is long.

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