The #PeaRD Love Story Will Leave You Gushing For Days

When two love birds are meant to meet, they sure will, regardless of whatever distance or hurdle they have to cross. Peace and Richard met through peace’s friend who shared her photo online and Richard just fell for her immediately, you can say it’s love at a first photo sight, laughs! Sharing how they met, Peace said:

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Richard and I met in a typical modern-day romance way. Around 2014, my best friend put up a picture of I and herself. Richard took one look at my face and was smitten. He asked my best friend about me constantly but I was in a relationship at that time, we never really got around to hanging out and getting to know each other some more. Fast forward to the year 2017, Richard and I ran into each other at a mutual friend’s party and got talking again as we were both open to giving each other a chance at the time.

That was the beginning of our whirlwind romance, he asked me out and we’ve been together ever since. A day to my birthday, unknown to me, Richard had gotten my sisters to plan a surprise dinner for me, I came into town from Jos and they took me out to my nails and hair done. I didn’t suspect a thing as he drove me to the venue and patiently walked me in to meet my sisters. Before I knew what was going on, Richard was down on one knee asking me to be his forever and I said yes.

Photo Credit: Momodu Weddings