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    Rhema And Ayo’s Love Story Is A Prove That True Love Will Always Find A Way. Enjoy Their Proposal Photos!

    Rhema and Ayo’s love story proves to us that true love will always find a way no matter how long it takes.

    Rhema and Ayo were colleagues in the same teaching hospital. The first time Ayo met Rhema, his heart was filled with joy.

    Time passed and they never got a chance to be close to each other. After some years, he saw her picture on two of his friends’ WhatsApp status. Without wasting no time, he asked them for her contact.

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    He contacted her and ever since, the two have become inseparable. They have now embarked on the journey of forever.

    Enjoy their sweet love story and proposal photos below:

    How they met as shared by Ayo:

    We were students in training (I was a student nurse while she was a student physiotherapist). Rhema was from another University but came for a clinical posting at my University’s Teaching Hospital.

    We met at the clinical area a couple of times and did say hi to each other but we were not privileged to get close back then. Within me, I was like “Who is this fine girl”, lol.

    Fast forward to a few years after graduation, I was just checking out the WhatsApp statuses of my friends and then I saw her appear on two of my friends’ statuses. For a moment, I had myself staring at her picture and suddenly I remembered she was the girl from my University days.

    I sent both friends DMs asking for her contact details, Instagram handle and if she was single. We reconnected, got talking and soon realised we relate well with each other in terms of values, beliefs, ideas, goals and aspirations…just to mention a few. We became best of friends and the rest is history.

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