I Found My Yeon-in!!!! Samuel And Favour’s Intimate Marriage Proposal Is Perfect Beyond Words

Samuel and Favour have a love so beautiful and perfect that words will never be enough to describe or comprehend. The two are made for each other and will leave you blushing through just starring at the marriage proposal photos.

 Intimate Marriage Proposal Is Perfect Beyond Words Sam got down on one knee in an intimate room filled with all their favourite people in the world and asked Favour to spend forever with him. The bride to be penned the most beautiful note to her man after the marriage proposal and it made us yearn for a love like this that sees imperfection as beauty and weakness for strength.
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She wrote: “To the one who sets my heart on fire and causes my soul to smile:
You have loved me in depths I didn’t imagine were possible. The love that flows from you is rooted deeply in surrender to Abba’s heart and it is a reminder of how much He loves me. The way your eyes twinkle with joy when you laugh and light up when they see me reminds me that Abba also sees me as perfection.
You love me loudly, patiently and sometimes it feels like my heart will burst.

Thank you for giving me space to be human, for holding my hands and showing me over and again that you have my back no matter what. For being my safe space, my breath of fresh air. Thank you for reminding me that I am deserving of these dreams that have been placed in my heart, for nudging me to live life fully and unafraid, completely dependent on God and trusting in His promises. We have our whole life ahead of us and my heart swells with joy knowing that we will be together till Jesus calls us home.

I will be by your side, loving you passionately and completely. No matter the times and seasons, I promise to never let go of your hands. You’re God’s perfect gift to me.
I love you, Yeon-in.
Always and forever ❤️

Photo Credit: Favour_emma