10 Steps To Help You Write Your Wedding Vows

Thinking of writing your own wedding vows, writing your vows personally might seem like a big task but once you do then you’ll get to understand that it was worth it. Wedding vows are another way of expressing and telling your partner you love him/her.
10 Steps To Help You Write Your Wedding Vows

In your wedding vow, you can tell the world about the love of your life and how far you both have come together. Most couples get shy at first but once they get up to the altar and start to read the vows out loud there is this comfort and joy that comes with it. Don’t feel discouraged if you think you have nothing to write because they are different ideas that can help you write your wedding vows.
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Here are 10 steps that will help you write your wedding vows
Write from your heart
It is very important that when writing you write directly from your heart, you don’t need to use dictionaries to look for big grammar. You know what you want to write so just let it flow.

Leave out the embarrassing memories
Yes every couple has that embarrassing story to tell but it is not the time to tell your loved ones gathered at your wedding about such stories, so try as much as possible to leave out these memories and keep them for yourselves.

Reference the future
You want to let your partner know that you are in this forever, then write it down. Let him/her know that you don’t see a future without the other person in the picture.

Make it short
Write how you feel, pour your heart out but make it precise and short. You don’t want to keep guests too long. The shorter the most honest it is.

Take a trip back to how you and your partner started out
Everyone loves a story of how couples first met, visit the past and try to recall all the amazing moments you and your partner had, you can write a little about how you both started dating and how you both got to where you are now.

Share a personal story
You could share a personal story of what your partner did for you that totally blew you away or made you fall deeply in love with him or her. Let the story demonstrate your love for each other and your journey.

Make promises to each other
Tell your partner how much he/she means to you and make promises to be together through thick or thin because wedding vows are all about promises and commitments you wish to keep.

Avoid cliches
You don’t want to sound like you took your vows out of a book, so take time and read through it, avoid using words that have been repeatedly used like “love is blind”. You want to sound genuine so leave out phrases like this.

Write about the qualities you love about your partner
Emphasize the qualities your partner portrays that you love. Their caring nature, their thoughtfulness, etc.

Practice what you have written out loud
Don’t forget to practice reading your wedding vows out loud for yourself to listen to and maybe a friend. Just to be clear that you are ready and can read it out loud to your partner and guests.

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