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    10 Tips To Consider When Renting A Wedding Gown

    A major part of wedding planning is your wedding gown and many brides pay a lot of attention to this because they want it to be perfect and feel right the moment they try it on even before their big day. Brides fight, obsess, and go through several options before they finally find the gown that looks perfect and feels great for their big day.

    10 Tips To Consider When Renting A Wedding GownYour wedding gown is a big deal and no bride spends too much time finding the perfect gown for her big day but sometimes we don’t have to buy one we could consider the option of borrowing a wedding gown for the event and then returning back to the bridal company after your ceremony. Many brides are confused about what to do with their wedding gown after the event and many keep till their children are ready for their own ceremony.

    As you go through your wedding planning process consider the option of renting a wedding gown for your ceremony and we would share tips with you to help make this decision easier.
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      1. Cost
        Just like you would have a budget when buying a wedding gown you should do the same when renting one for your big day. Create a budget and decide on how much you would spend when renting.
      2. Read the T&C of the rental company
        Bridal rental companies have terms and conditions guiding their operations and you have to read, understand to see if you can follow them. These policies guide picking, using, and returning the gowns after use. If you can’t keep checking other companies till you find the one that matches your lifestyle.
      3. Availability
        The difference between renting a gown and buying one is the case of availability as you have to be sure that the gown will be available when you are ready to shoot and also making a down payment secures the gown for you ahead of use.
      4. Consider alternatives
        When renting a gown always have alternatives that you can consider because one company may let you down and you wouldn’t want to start your process all over again. Consider cost-effective buying options and make your choices easier.
      5. Research the rental company
        There are several rental companies out there and it is very possible that you could fall into the wrong hands if you fail to do proper research. Whatever bridal companies you are considering for this role do quality research about them on social media, go the extra mile to speak to real people.
      6. Be open-minded
        When renting a gown get ready to be open-minded as you may need to make room for alterations as the gowns are not made specifically for you as a bridal designer would. Sometimes the companies allow people to alter for the use but you would be required to pay extra for this purpose.
      7. Care and post-wear cleaning
        When you rent a gown you have to be extra careful as you do not want to destroy what you have borrowed. You also have a post-wear policy where you are expected to clean and air the gown before returning to the company.
      8. Plan to rent matching accessories
        When renting a gown it is advisable to rent accessories that match as the companies already pair their gowns with accessories and if you choose to search for accessories of your choice it would be a difficult task.
      9. Start early
        The one possible problem with renting a wedding dress is finding the one you want in your size. It is a good idea to start early and check out the different stores that offer the designer collection you desire, on rent.
      10. Enjoy the experience
        In the same way, you would enjoy creating and designing your dream wedding gown you should enjoy a rental experience and have as much fun as you can with it.

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