8 Tips For Planning The Perfect Baecation In Barbados

A baecation is a simple vacation with your girlfriend or boyfriend at a preferred destination.

Planning a baecation can be overwhelming. It can be difficult deciding on where to stay, what activities you want to do and how much budget you want to spend.

Here below are 8 tips to plan the perfect baecation in Barbados:

Choose the right timing: Remember a baecation is a trip for two, so you have to plan for a time that works for you both and your schedules. The months of July to October are recognised as the low season in Barbados.

Do you want the weather to be extremely hot or wouldn’t mind it to be a fairly low temperature? It’s important you travel when at a time that suits you and your partner.

Duration: A short trip or a long one? Find the perfect amount of time you will be away for. Will you have things planned to do if the duration is long or will you manage to do everything you want in the short time you have?

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Accommodation: Pick the perfect baecation spot that is ideal for you and your partner. You do not want a spot that is a family destination with loud kids.

You might want a chill and relaxing baecation with stunning views, good food and amazing cocktails.

Plan out Activities: Are there things you and your partner will enjoy doing together as a couple? Outdoor and water activities such as, snorkelling, scuba diving or parasailing.

It can be enjoyable and can get you out of your comfort zone. You could also think about doing wine-tasting classes or rock climbing indoors.

Budget and Spending: Have an idea on how much money you want to use each day, setting yourself budgets for every activities, meals etc. It makes no sense spending all your savings on the trip. Coming back from a baecation trip broke will put a strain on your relationship.

Go shopping: Go impress your partner with your amazing fashion sense. Go shopping and buy lingerie for your bae so you can impress him. You don’t want to wear boring and dull clothing. Make sure you have enough mosquito spray , waterproof phone case, underwater camera. If your shopping online its important to know that these thing tend to take time to arrive so make sure you order beforehand and way before your planned trip to barbados.

Flight preparation: You want to have the right documents to enter the country. So doing research beforehand is important. Every country has their own policy so knowing whether you can enter Barbados is a important to know.

Make sure you have enough packed for the amount of days you will be gone. You don’t want to run out of outfits to wear. You don’t want to both bring the same essential things, so its important to discuss with you bae who’s bringing what.

Photography: Make sure you have a really good camera, so you can capture all the moments with your bae and have them forever. You would want the quality to be great.

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