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    Tomiwa And Tomisin’s Friendship Led Them To #ACupOfTee. Enjoy Their Love Story And Pre-wedding Photos

    Tomisin found her love in church. The moment she saw Tomiwa dancing in the church, his charm struck her.

    Tomiwa and Tomisin crossed paths on the beautiful streets of Instagram and what followed was non-stop conversations which deepened their connection. Now, we get to have #ACupOfTee.

    Enjoy Tomiwa and Tomisin’s love story and pre-wedding photos.

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    How Tomiwa and Tomisin met

    As shared by Tomisin:

    It all started on one fateful day in October 2021. Here I was minding my business and serving the Lord in church when I noticed someone dancing at the other end of the gallery. So as not to lose focus (after losing focus 💀), I took note of him and faced the word as one does in church.

    I saw him again the next Sunday and so I decided to ask around about him. So, my best friend asked someone she knew was his friend about him and asked if he was in the market for a girlfriend. The friend asked for my IG handle so she could pass it along to him. The feedback we got was that he was not looking for a girlfriend and was only interested in friendship. I took my L like the champ that I am and moved on.

    The next time I paid attention to him was at CCI Reboot camp 2021. He passed me on the stairs and said good morning. He also asked me where food was being shared ( even though he claims he does not remember this encounter). A couple of days after that, he posted his graduation pictures from OAU and I sent him a congratulatory message in his DMs after much persuasion from a couple of my friends. This was the 10th of December, 2021. We have talked every day since then.

    I like to say I shot my shot and it hit the spot but then it took him another 2 weeks to realize what was even going on because he had been on a talking stage with another person and it didn’t work out. Imagine my confusion when he came crying to me about it after we had been talking every day.

    I quickly but stylishly asked him what we were doing because there was no time to waste talking to someone consistently if there was no future or if you were not on the same page. So, we had that conversation and the rest they say, is history. It’s been an amazing journey with him and I’m super excited about what the future holds for us. Love him with everything !!!

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