10 Wedding Planning Mistakes Brides Should Look Out For

Weddings are important events in people’s lives. Couples are often willing to spend a great amount of money to ensure that their weddings are well organised and unforgettable.

Wedding planning can be stressful and you forget yourself sometimes. You can make a lot of mistakes along the way when planning.

Below is 10 wedding planning mistakes brides should look out for.

You Let Other People Decide the Guest List: Family are hard to say no to, but you’ll save yourself a lot of expenses and stress if you learn how to set boundaries with your guest list and you and your only partner choose who you want there. You do not want random people at your wedding.

You Blow Your Budget Too Early: Blowing the budget before the wedding is a huge mistakes brides make. You will have to pay suppliers six months before the wedding and it is not ideal for you to blow the budget.

You Assume DIY Will Be Cheaper: Many brides believe that doing things themselves is cheaper but that is not true. You will spend more buying things for your DIY and waste time focusing on your DIY.

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You Order Your Wedding Dress Too Late: Many brides leave choosing their dresses last minute. You will need to choose way before the wedding. Dresses are altered which can take long.

You Don’t Have a Wet Weather Plan: If you’re marrying in the outdoor of a venue, speak to the coordinator to see if there’s another room if it rains. Many brides do not have a wet weather plan and this is an easy wedding mistake to make.

You Ignore the Hidden Costs: The venue could have extra security, cloakroom staff or cleaning charges. Hidden costs can sneak up everywhere so the best thing to do is set aside 10% of your total budget for these surprise expenses.

You forget to eat: Many brides forget to feed themselves and the bridal party on the wedding day. It’s important to pre-arrange more than a dessert table.

You Invite Too Many People: Many brides invite too many people to their wedding and do not think about how many the venue allows. Ensure you keep track of the number of the people you are inviting.

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You Over decorate: Many brides over decorate the venue which looks like a mess. So ensure you know how you want your venue to look like.

You Don’t Have a Hair and Make Up Trial: Many brides make the mistake and do not go for a hair and makeup trial which can ruin you look for your big day. Book a trial in for about three months ahead of the big day, which gives you time for a final look for your wedding.


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