Wedding Nails Ideas That Are Perfect For Your Big Day

The type of manicure you should rock on your big day is a very hard decision to make. For some brides, floral nail art is the perfect pick, while others prefer to go glittery. There are however plenty of other bridal nail designs to try that work perfectly for your big day.

Below is wedding nail ideas that are perfect for your big day.

Coffin Ombre French Nails: Take a twist on the classic by turning it into an Ombre look on coffin nails and blend white tips into pinky-nude nails.

Gold Glitter Ombre: This is the perfect wedding nail. Gold glitter ombré nails. Keep the base natural for a clean look.

Subtle Nude Coffin Ombré: Try the most subtle ombré. This manicure fades from tonal nude to blush pink.

Bridal Blush: Light pink polish offers a delicate pop of colour. opt for pastel shades that lean toward a milky white for a bridal look or deeper shades that verge.

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Corner Frenchies: A cool, modern twist on the classic French manicure. Slick of white around opposite corners of your nail.

Confetti nails: A simple pale pink manicure with a statement confetti twist.

Pastel chrome pink: Pastel pink nails will add extra sparkle to your wedding. For a pearl-like shine, choose an opaque pastel pink or off-white.

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