Tips To Note When Choosing Your Wedding Makeup Artist

Booking your wedding makeup artist is no small decision. What suits one bride might not be suitable for another. It is important to make sure that you can put your trust into your makeup artist to make you look and feel beautiful on your big day.

Below is tips to note when choosing your wedding makeup artist.

Is the makeup artist fully trained: Having a makeup artist who has been fully trained and who has some great experience behind them is always an added bonus. It means they’re more likely to be up to speed on techniques and are more likely to be skilled.

Hygiene: Any professional makeup artist should have a clean kit ready for each client. Ensure that your artist has clean, sanitised brushes. Dirty brushes can spread bacteria and cause breakouts and allergic reactions.

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Check out the brands that your artist uses: Professional makeup artists will use professional products that are high in quality and perform well. If you are paying well for your makeup artist on your trial and on your actual day, you should expect a kit full of professional products.

Listen to recommendations: Listen to friends and family recommendations to makeup artists they know. When friend or family member recommend someone, trust their opinion. They have worked with the artist and had a good experience.

Schedule a trial: Trials are an important way for you to meet and connect with your makeup artist. You can effectively communicate the look you want, make any changes, and see what works or doesn’t before the big day.

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Consider the cost: You are not just paying for their time, but for their expertise and skills and the peace of mind.

Take a look at their website: Take a look at their images and look at any reviews left on their site by past clients. Contact a few of the people who have left reviews and ask for their opinion.



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