Top 7 Beautiful Places In Africa To Get Engaged

A marriage proposal should be special, personal and above all romantic. With spectacular scenery, world wonders, stunning hotels and many unique experiences, Africa is the top place to get engaged.

Marriage proposals take different forms and it depends on the personality of those involved. For some couples, they just want something simple, an evening dinner date would do. But everyone would love to be whisked away for that special moment.

Below is Top 7 Places in Africa to Get Engaged.

Sunset cruise on the Nile: Cruise Egypt’s Nile River on a luxurious boutique sailboat. This is romantic and the view is incredible to get engaged and take pictures in.

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Devil’s pool at the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia: An exhilarating experience, swim at the top edge of Victoria Fall. This is the ultimate place to propose.

Petite Soeur in the Seychelles: This unspoilt island is located 6km north of La Digue. Arrive by private boat and walk the small island, passing through palm trees and granitic rocks. The best place to get engaged with beautiful views.

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa: The Table Mountain Cableway offers outdoor venues perfect for cocktail parties, post-conference drinks, weddings, product launches, end-of-year parties. This ultimate the best place to get engaged with astonishing views.

Kenya: In a Hot Air Balloon: A hot air balloon ride is one of those truly ideal wedding proposal. This is because being up in the air gives you and your loved one a heightened sense of excitement and adventure.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania on a Private Beach: For a dreamy romantic proposal set on a private island Zanzibar is the perfect spot. This is a perfect place in Africa to get engaged.


Photo Credit: Getty