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    10 Signs Of Post-marital Depression

    Marriage between two individuals who love each other is a beautiful union which supposed to be for better or for worst, but most people don’t understand the struggle that comes right after and how post-marital depression kicks in.

    10 Signs Of Post Marital Depression

    Post-marital depression happens when the bride or groom starts feeling sad and experiences a lack of interest in their day-to-day life activities, it could be caused by the amount of stress you had to go through during the wedding planning or the transitioning into a new life of being a wife or a husband.
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    It is important to note that post-marital depression is common and one way to tackle it to to get help, from a therapist. You should also try to be more open with your partner because it is likely that your partner has absolutely no idea of what you are going through. Post martial depression is most common for women in this part of the world. Here are signs of post martial depression to watch out for.
    Difficulty making minor or major decisions without arguing with your partner
    This is one of the signs of post-marital depression, you see partners always getting into fights for no just reason. If in the past you just had to have a little discussion with your partner before making a decision, it then becomes hard as a result of depression.
    Lack of desire to spend time together
    Most partners would rather choose to spend time alone than to be together with their partner which is not supposed to be. Before you get married, you always want to be around your partner but once post-marital depression kicks in, it changes everything.

    Already thinking of getting a separation or a divorce
    Are you already thinking of getting separated or getting a divorce just a few days after your wedding? Your partner might not know all about this because it is all in your head. Having thoughts like these are signs of post-marital depression.
    Lack of intimacy
    Intimacy such as hand-holding, sitting close together, or kissing becomes a thing of the past or something difficult to do. When your partner tries to touch you or kiss you, you get irritated.

    The excitement in the marriage is totally gone
    You know all that joy you used to feel about getting married or being married, it just disappears and you begin to wonder what happened and why you don’t feel as happy as you used to be.
    The conversations get limited
    You don’t talk like you used to with your partner, you begin to keep things to yourself rather than share them. Thinking that you don’t want to be a burden to your spouse. This makes the relationship depreciate and is a sign you have fallen into post-marital depression hence it is vital to get help and speak to a specialist(therapist).

    Intentionally avoiding your spouse
    Trying to get away from your spouse every little chance you get so as to avoid conversations and intimacy. Most women do this while thinking their spouse is also avoiding them to and that might not be the case.
    Crying yourself to bed
    Crying yourself to bed, thinking the world has turned its back against you. Your partner might not be aware of such circumstances because him/her are not being attentive at the moment.

    No sex or interest in sex
    It becomes a problem to have sex with your spouse or even initiate any sexual activity. Finding reasons not to spend the night in bed, not going to bed at the same time, or putting physical boundaries such as pillows between both parties.
    You start asking yourself why, why you got married, did I make a big mistake by getting married. Different thoughts start to cloud your judgment and give room for regrets and had I known. Once you start having such thoughts, it is definitely a sign of post-marital depression.

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