Dapper Dayo Had Us Swooning Really Hard With His Bespoke Proposal

When you have got game you have got , there is no taking that away from you. Dayo as we have now started referring to as Dapper Dayo planned one of the sweetest proposals ever! The suspicious Eunice did not even see it coming, even though she thought she did, it was hilarious and amazing. Okay, let’s leave the bride-to-be to share the proposal story with you herself. Read their love story here.

Recalling how Dapo proposed, Eunice said: “So we got back from a trip to the US and UK where we went to greet family and God knows I was expecting the proposal. I even went to refill my nails. (rolls eyes). When the trip was coming to an end, I accepted that it wasn’t happening, even though he had told me it wasn’t happening there. I just didn’t believe him lol. So we got back to Nigeria and he told me we should get our friends together for a hangout and then I got excited again. But a few days before, my friends kept saying they feel he will propose.

Once I heard that, I was sure he was not going to do it because I was 100% confident he would have told my friends and since they asked me, I was sure he was not going to do it. So I just took my mind off it. I even dressed shabbily that day, as I cannot come and waste fine dress on a casual Tuesday (corporate office struggle). The day came and we all ate and we were all about to leave. Then he told me that two of our friends were outside and the guy was trying to hit on the girl. He said we should go and do .

They used Amebo to get me o (covers face). Then we got outside and we walked up to them but I didn’t even notice a Cabana had been set up. Then he pulled me around the Cabana and I saw “Marry me”. It took me a second to figure out it was for me lol then I cried. You always think you’re not going to cry. My tear glands failed me. Yes, I heard everything he said. Well, I remembered it later lol. It was the most perfect proposal.

Photo Credit: @awgzzz