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    Friendship, Love And Commitment- The Perfect Ingredient To A Mind-blowing Lovestory!

    Love stories like these further reinforce the sweetness and Magic in love. Eunice and Dapo’s love story is amazing, after meeting at a beach party, staying friends for a year, someone finally decided to take one for the team, and look, it paid off! Someone is walking down to forever town. Not only is their love story amazing, but the proposal is also, ha! Perfection. Big ups to Dapo, he sure knows how to give the best proposals ever. Sharing how they met, the dapper Dapo, or should we say DD, revealed that:

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    “My best man and I were invited to a beach party, where we met Yuyu. She claims she wasn’t feeling a brother but we ALL know that was a lie! For the longest time, we were just platonic friends, she told me about all her men. I always teased her by calling her “Man Boutique” because she is so amazing, a lot of guys really tried to be with her but we bless the Lord for keeping her for me. About 7 months into our friendship, we drew closer and realized we clicked way more than we thought.

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    I personally, know for a fact I have found my best friend, a selfless, loving and understanding woman who wants me to always be me. One of the amazing things I love about our relationship is we’ve never stopped being true friends. We pray, laugh, cry, turn up, plan and gist together. Yuyu is truly my peace; her presence truly is everything to me. The sweet yuyu also related her own side of the love story when she said that:

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    ” Our love story was and is built on friendship. I met Dapo in 2015 and he was forming he knew me from somewhere (side eye). We actually both attended a friend’s proposal and we just casually said hi after been introduced by a friend. Then the next day, Dapo and his friend invited my friend and I out for lunch and I can remember all four of us talking for hours but just on a friendship basis. And that’s how we kept it for the next year. She continued as she added that:

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    “2016, we got really close when I travelled to the UK and he was in the US at that time. We started face timing a lot and I could tell your boy was feeling the girl, lol. We both kept it casual though and we kept things on the friendship level after that. One thing I love about Dapo, even when we were just friends, is his ability to want to help you discover yourself and want to help you discover why God put you on earth beyond usual career paths. He’s not afraid to ask tough questions and speak about God, I can tell you that much lol and that grew our bond to another level and it was easy to talk to him about anything.

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    Another thing is he’s the most optimistic and most encouraging person I’ve met. Inspirational speaker of life and destiny lol. Things changed when my family was going through a traumatic event and he ALWAYS checked up on me. I mean like every day and called maybe two or three times during the day to make sure I was okay and everyone in my family was as well. That’s when I started realizing how caring he was towards me. At that moment, I felt incredibly blessed to have someone that thoughtful and caring.

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    Towards the end of 2016, he told me he liked me but was not ready for a relationship just yet because he wanted to pray and commit things into God’s hands first and also because at that point, we were already best friends and he didn’t want to mess up our friendship. I, on the other hand, already prayed and knew (sharp girl)  but I was not going to rush him at all and didn’t even tell him I had prayed cause I wanted him to be sure. So I told him to take his time and was forming I will be open to dating other people (yimu).

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    But Dapo’s prayer was not for long lol, sharply God gave him the green light before other brothers will come and carry his wife. So we planned a trip in 2017 to Casa Del Papa in the Benin Republic with some of our other friends and he asked me to be his girl on that trip and it’s been smooth sailing since then. He definitely is my home. I feel incredibly blessed to be marrying my best friend and I can say that with my chest lol. Watch this space on how he proposed, because trust us, your awws and how sweets, would surely be exhausted today!

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    Photo Credit: @awgzzz

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