#mojibssforever: From A Text To A Yes!!!! Moji And Jibola’s Beautiful Love Story And Proposal

One mystery call, one mystery text can change your life forever and that is what happened for Motun and Jibola. The couple got engaged and we couldn’t help but fall in love with their beautiful love story and their intimate proposal. 

The bride shared their beautiful love story of how they met via a text he sent to her and she made him patronize her business before she could have any form of relationship with him and give him her number. She noted how something drew her to him and today saying yes to him is the best decision she will ever make.
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It started with an Instagram dm at the beginning of 2021. for context; he’s been in my DMS since 2019 lol. the day it all began was when he sent a text that drew my attention. He said ”I’m going to get in trouble because of this” I didn’t respond till after three days. it feels like forever ago when I told him that he had to patronize my business before he’d get my WhatsApp number. Something about him just drew me in. we spoke constantly, talked about our futures and he slowly became my best friend and confidant.

I remember when my business wasn’t doing so well and this man literally called me every morning to pray for me and my business, he even got me to join pastor Balaji’s prayers on ig live. We just fell into step with each other, it’s pretty easy to do with someone like him; so thoughtful and caring. intentionality at its finest. We’re always on the same wavelength so nothing feels forced or overcomplicated.

We simply exist in the purest form of love. I can barely comprehend it myself, but you guys have no idea the gift God has given me. I’m so grateful to God for giving me, my own person. He makes me feel like the best version of myself. My one true love, my perfect match, the best decision I ever made is saying yes to you.

She also shared their proposal story of how a beautiful girl’s date night led her to say yes. Having her family members, friends in the room.

“The Proposal:
It was supposed to be a date night with my girls. At least that’s what they made me believe lol. So we all dressed up and went out. When we got there I was surprised because the lights were off and when the lights came on I was handed flowers. I was overwhelmed with excitement and so many other emotions I couldn’t even cry ( partly because I didn’t want to ruin my makeup). Everything was just beautiful. Old friends came, my parents came. My mum was looking like she was the one being proposed too😂. The whole evening was perfect and is forever engraved in my heart. Lastly, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that was present there. #mojibssforever

Photo Credit: motun.x