I Said Yes To My Boyfriend!!!! Philip Dada And Caitlin Nunez Proposal + Love Story

Meeting your soulmate and finding the person who makes the world feel perfect and beautiful is a blessing and we can say for Philip and Caitlin definitely found each other and have built a love rooted in the 3 strand cord. The couple shared their beautiful proposal story and we are getting all the feels right here.

Philip Dada And Caitlin Nunez Proposal + Love StoryThe couple shared their beautiful love story on their respective Instagram pages revealing how they met 4 years ago to become each other’s favourite person in the world walking through thick and thin and now till forever.

Caitlin also shared how Philip is the man she wants to build with who has watched her evolve over the years and has taught her how to love being intentional making Christ the center of their union and choosing to do life with him every day.
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Photo Credit: Getty