Adeoluwa Found His Soulmate, Yetunde on Twitter! Enjoy Their Love Story And Beautiful Wedding Photos

Adeoluwa and Yetunde started their love journey on Twitter.

Though they had met physically before they started their love journey, Adeoluwa missed his chance to talk to Yetunde the first day he set his eyes on her. Love had another plan for them.

This plan led them to connect on Twitter, and it has now led them to the altar. After tying the knot in a colourful Yoruba traditional wedding, they exchanged their vows in a beautiful outdoor white wedding. Yetunde made a radiant bride and Adeoluwa came through looking super.

Their love story as shared by Yetunde:

A few days into January 2019, I was on vacation in Jamaica with one of my close friends. I got an Instagram DM from this guy in his words “Are you seeing anyone? I like what I see and want to get to know you”. I showed my friend the message as she was lying next to me and she was like “Oh, I like him, he is so direct” Anyway after a few hours, I responded to the DM telling him I was not seeing anybody.

When I returned from the trip, he messaged me again to share my phone number; however, I was in the middle of moving and I was so busy and did not even have time to respond. When I eventually gave him my number, it would take me a long time to respond to his texts, etc. So he suggested we schedule a time to talk on the phone after I had settled down from my move. That day, we spoke on the phone for a few minutes and I honestly didn’t think much of it following our conversation. In fact, it was very friendly and casual, with nothing to think of at that moment. I even told a friend that day I thought he seemed really nice and would be a good friend.

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Their love story as shared by Adeoluwa:

So I went on a guys’ trip to Caribana (Toronto) in 2018, and we went to a day party on Saturday where I sighted this really gorgeous woman. However, I didn’t get to speak to her because we had to leave early. About three months later, I was on Twitter and her friend (Funmi) posted a picture from lunch and yes you guessed right! The beautiful woman I spotted from Caribana was in the picture. I followed her on Instagram and liked a couple of photos (IYKYK).

On January 1st 2019, I was on Instagram responding to messages then I saw her story and I sent a cheeky new year message to which she responded. (Yellow light given) We texted sparingly the day after. I called her three days later, we chatted for about 15 mins. The conversation was high-key very forced and dry because she was in the middle of a move. The only detail I remembered from the conversation was that She was starting a new job the following Monday. I sent her a text on the morning of her first day, and she responded about six hours later.

In my head, I was like “Yeah that’s a wrap, you’re probably not going to hear from me again.” (sike, I thought) About two hours after, she texted me again and asked about my day, but I gave her a dry reply. On January 30th (I remember this because it was the day before my birthday) I randomly called her on FaceTime and we spoke for about two hours, the conversation was very natural. It was history after this call, we’ve spoken every day since January 30, 2019.

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